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Principal Consultant
Corporate Finance

Mr. Chu possesses about 20 years experience of financial management in various organizations including multinationals, listed conglomerates and SMEs. With regional exposure in Asia Pacific, in particular China, Mr. Chu assisted numerous enterprises to establish proper financial management systems and corporate reorganization so as to promote EVA factor. Mr. Chu is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered & Certified Accountants and Hong Kong Society of Accountants and is an associate member of The Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators and the Hong Kong Institute of Company Secretaries. He also holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong.

Senior Consultant
Mr. Thomas KAN, BA, MBA. MSIS (Hawaii)
Information Technology

An I.T. specialist and a pioneer of I.T. business in Hong Kong, he started his portal website and e-trade forum business in the early 90's. Several of his Internet business had been successful sold to venture capitals. His achievement had been widely propagated by media in the States and Asia, such as Asia Week, HKTVB, Japan Fuji TV, NHK, Nippon Economic News and the Fortune.


Consultant Specialist
Mr. Raymond Ma, BSc (HK)

Application System Development

In the past 17 years after his graduation from the University of Hong Kong, Mr. Ma has been devoting his expertise on the application program development for the SMEs in Hong Kong and China. As a micro-computer application specialist, he has served different commercial and industrial sectors including manufacturing, wholesales & retail, import/export, clubs management, bar & restaurant, property agency systems and many others. Mr. Ma is also a pioneer in the application of LAN technology for SMEs in Hong Kong. In particular, he is well experienced in building LAN systems with less than 50 terminals that best fits the needs of the SMEs.


Consultant Specialist
Mr. Run Lin JIN, BSc (China)
Textile & Clothing

After his graduation with distinction from the China Textile University in the 1960's, JIN spent more than 35 years in different area of the textile and clothing industry in China. He served many different organizations during his long history in this industry, which included the former Ministry of Textile Industry of the PRC Central government, the Inner Mongolia Cashmere Technology Development Laboratory, Hangzhou Silk Research Centre, etc. His in-depth knowledge and business connection covered silk, cotton, cashmere & wool and also flax. In the1980s, he was delegated by the Shanghai government to participate in scanning foreign investment projects on textile and clothing industry to make sure the technology investment venture was up to the state-of-the-art. Then, he was appointed as the deputy general manger of one of the biggest mill in Shanghai and his responsibility covered not only the technical aspect but also import & export.


Consultant Specialist
Mr. Jonathan J. F. CHEN, BA (China)
Tourism & Related Services

Having working for the public community as a senior government officer in China for a considerable period, Mr. Chen started his own tourism and Sino-Vietnam border trade business in the later 80's. With support from the then Vice President of Vietnam, He monopolized the "China-Vietnam visa free border tour" business and established his firm foothold in the tourism industry both in China and Vietnam. In the mid 90's he diversified his business into Chinese domestic citizens emigration and overseas study services. His achievement and credibility was merited by the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou and was interviewed by President Bill CLINTON during his official visit to Guangxi, China in 1997.


Consultant Specialist
Mr. Simon YUNG, BA, MA (Hawaii), LLB (Peking U.)
Legal Affairs

Mr. YUNG is a lawyer in Hong Kong and is also a China appointed attesting officer. Having practiced as a solicitor in Hong Kong for over thirteen years and having served in various Government Departments, he has established strong connections with the legal sector in Hong Kong. As he has obtained a LLB degree from the Peking University, China, he has also established good legal connections in China. His particular interest in serving SMEs made him successful in helping a lot of SMEs to solve their legal problems both in Hong Kong and China. He is currently the Chairman of the China Law Association (Hong Kong) Limited, the Vice President of the Hong Kong Chamber of Small & Medium Business Limited and the legal advisor of several other organizations of various nature.


Consultant Specialist
Mr. Sammy LEUNG, BSc (Hons) UK, MCIOB (UK), MBA (HK)
Construction Industry & Project Management

Mr. Leung was awarded with an Associate ship in Building Management & Technology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In addition, he was graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Estate Management and a MBA from the University of Reading, UK and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology respectively. He is also a corporate member of the Chartered Institute of Building, U.K since 1992. Currently, he is also carrying part-time tutoring for a Master course of the Hong Kong Open University on the subject of Global Marketing Strategy.

He has gained more than 10 years solid experience in the project management for leading developers such as Sino Land Group and Chinese Estate (Holdings) Ltd. Furthermore; he has gained solid experience in the business development and international trading of building material for leading Hong Kong enterprises such as K. Wah International Group and Pioneer Asphalts Pty. Ltd. In recent years, he was mainly helping foreign construction material and chemical multinational firms in setting up their business operations in Hong Kong and China market. Hence, he has extensive knowledge on his profession and the business operation in Asia and global market in addition to his solid business connection in the areas.


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