Our Services  
(A) Market Entry

  • China Market Research
  • Entry Strategy and Market Segmentation Study
  • China or Hong Kong Business Partner Matching
  • China or Hong Kong Remote Office Setup & Maintenance
  • China or Hong Kong Licence Application
  • Trade Mark & Intellectual Property Patent Registration in Hong Kong & China

(B) Reliability Check-up
  • China or Hong Kong Companies Credibility Investigation
  • Suppliers and Trade Intermediaries Evaluation
  • China Sourcing and Procurement Advisory

(C) Project Investment Consulting
  • Joint Venture Feasibility Study and Full Range Support Services
  • Merge & Acquisition of SMEs and Related Services
  • Projects Financial Advisory

(D) Franchising in China

Along with the country's economic development, it comes a proliferation of business and investment opportunities in China. Franchises or chain store operation has found to be an emerging business model in the country. Our team of specialist can help you establish your franchisee network in China by providing total supportive services, from feasibility study to implementation.(Click for more detail)

(E) Business Brokerage Service

One of the most efficient entry strategies into China market is to buy a company there. On the other hand, lists of potential investors from China or Hong Kong planning to develop overseas market are looking for suitable business entities. If you want to sell or buy a business, please forward us the full details.

(F) I.T. Projects for China or Hong Kong
(ASP, ICP, Software Development)

Along with expansion of the SME sector, there is a prominent market demand in China for quality I.T. services. If you are a small to medium scale ASP, ICP or software developer looking for opportunities in China, please share your idea with us and our experienced consultants can tell you the best and most cost-effective entry strategy

(G) Environmental Business Development in China or Hong Kong

Environmental issues is no more just a civic movement but a globally concerned political mission. It is generally recognized as an emerging competitive edge of 21st century metropolitan. In China, the central government has already adopted environmental protection as a prime political objective. According to data provided by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the estimated aggregated input in past 5 years amounted US$ 60 billions. In the "10th State Five Year Plan" direct input from central government budgeted as much as US$ 90 billions. This represented a tremendous business opportunity for those who are already in or intended to develop the environmental business market in China. If you are one of them, come to us and you will find our competence shortly.

(H) Expediting Service

The problem of shipment delay is always troublesome to importers. If it happens to you but you do not have your own buying office here in Hong Kong or China, or you found your trade intermediaries not that responsive, you might have to fly over here but it is costly in terms of time and money. Come to us, our experienced expediting network in China and Hong Kong can help you out at minimal cost.

(I) Disputes Mediation

It is not particular only to China where trade or business parties might happen with disputes occasionally. If you have such problem with your counterparts in China, we can help to resolve in an efficient but cost effective process. By creating a supportive and constructive environment, which promotes communication between the parties, our professional China negotiators can help you control the outcome of the dispute by resolving it through co-operative decision making .

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