Reference List of some
Market Research & Business Study Projects conducted by Our Team

  1. A Market Study on Eco-Golf Community Development Project in Guangzhou, China
  2. A Feasibility & Investment Study on Wuhan Tianhe Holiday City & Water World
  3. A Feasibility & Investment on Xie He Convalescent Centre, Wuhan
  4. Zhuhai Green Enterprises Park Strategic Proposal
  5. Investment Appraisal of a Land Development in Tsimshatsui - A complete study from a conceptual stage to maintenance stage of the development
  6. Preliminary Study in Business Diversification in Trading in Asia - A market study in the trading opportunities in Asia
  7. Building Material Trading in Asia - A business opportunity study in trading building material in Asia
  8. Market Study of the Hong Kong Construction Industry - A market study on its effects towards the current business and further development of construction material manufacturing and property development group
  9. Feasibility Study of setting up a Trading Business on Building Stone - A complete market and feasibility study in sourcing and trading China building stone to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan
  10. Market Study on Silica Sand Business in Japan, Philippines and Taiwan
  11. Asphalt Industry is facing new competitive situation - A business strategy study for an Australia Asphalts manufacturing and contracting company against the new market trend and competition
  12. An Organization Diagnosis - An organization development study of the current operation of a foreign manufacturing and contracting company
  13. Feasibility Study in Launching of Co-brand Credit Cards for a Medium Scale Retail Chain Store in Thailand
  14. Market Study of Contrete Admixtures Business of a Multi-national Firm in the South China
  15. Heading Mechanism & Its Relevance to Cotton Buying Practice in The Textile Industry in Hong Kong
  16. Marketing of Services - The Hotel Business in Hong Kong
  17. A Feasibility Study on Fairview Park Golf Driving Range Investment - Project in Yuen Long, Hong Kong
  18. A Business Model for a Convalescence Resort Project In Zhuhai, China
  19. A Staff Training Program for Zhong Shan Chinese-Standard Building Materials Corp
  20. A Study on China Tourism Industry for a Hotel Group in Hong Kong
  21. Strategic Planning , Consultation and Business Development for a Hong Kong eco-tour company in China and domestic market.
  22. Market Positioning Study for "Green Power Guangzhou Green Yard Environment Educational Resort"
  23. Course Design on China Merchandising Practices Training Program of HongKong Clothing Industry Training Authority

We apologize that we cannot disclose other projects/cases that are currently in-progress or contractually restricted for confidentiality reasons.

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